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  • Rest Day
    I’ve decided to rest today and do the run tomorrow! Amazing white day in London. How could i miss the opportunity to go to the park and enjoy the snow? It was a fun day with good food and a bit of study… Some important tips (that i need to remind myself) 1.Always warm up.Continue reading “Rest Day”
  • Week1*Day2
    A cold morning but i had to follow my plan. The sun was up but i was still stuck and couldn’t choose my dissertation topic i had to take a break. Few observations: Arctic Monkeys was a really good choice. It felt harder than yesterday. I was more excited than yesterday. It was nice thatContinue reading “Week1*Day2”
  • Week1*Day1
    Well, the day started with me thinking that i should have chose to quit coffee instead of running. Late afternoon there were no more excuses. So i managed to start strong and I survived the run. Some thoughts: Next time need to go earlier as it is really cold. I need to find an appContinue reading “Week1*Day1”
  • Mission Statement
    “My Change Journey- Couch to 10K”  After two failed attempts to finish “couch to 5k” it is time to level up and challenge myself to finish the “couch to 10k”. By noticing that I am getting easily bored following a schedule (especially when it comes to exercising) and drop out of things regularly, I need thisContinue reading “Mission Statement”

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